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If you're seeking beautiful, easy and fun ways to improve your relationship, you're in the right place.
My name is Jazmin Light, and I have 25 years of experience working with healing and sensual massage.
I'm a first-hand witness to the powerful, magical, healing and soothing effects massage has on people.

The world is harsh out there, fierce competition and tensions abound.

It's a wonderful gift if you know some "Loving Touch" tricks to soothe your partner - body and soul.

Sometimes a few minutes is all it takes-- to transport them from stress to a more relaxed and joyful state of being. This can also boost your bonding, your health, and your love for each other.

In the SexyWellness Online Couples Massage Courses, you'll learn incredible, unique techniques, some of which are my own creation--all in the comfort of your home.

Jazmin Light 

Pianist, Composer, Music Producer,

Massage & Erotic Bodywork Therapist

My personal story:

Ever since I was young, alongside my love for music, I've been fascinated by healing and sensual massage arts. Both music and massage's potential for transforming stress into joy is amazing.

I began playing piano at age five and started to massage when I was twelve.


For 25 years, parallel to my music career, I honed my skills with massage and sensuality to create healing,  transformational experiences. I had countless clients, which enabled me to build my own music studio. Some of the soundtracks you hear on the video courses were made there.

I studied Classical massage, Reflexology, QiGong, Polarity Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Energizing Rocking Techniques. I had the great fortune of learning from top practitioners in their field.

Later, I learned Sensual Bodywork, including Tantra Touch Massage, Sensory Awareness, Erotic Massage, Fetish, Fantasy Fulfillment, Bondage, and Role Play.


A trauma in my life twelve years ago forced me to change my life's direction, and the vision for teaching couples to help each other with stress etc. came to me.


So now -  It's my great pleasure to teach you the "best of the best" techniques that kept clients coming back  to me for all those years.

I hope to see you inside!

Keep The Love Fire Burning

The SexyWellness "quickie" massages will transform even the darkest mood to bright. And since they're Short - and Sweet - it's not work, it's Play!

So come in and join the fun.


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